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Coline Monsarrat shares a feverish passion for history; an enthusiastic and dedicated storyteller, she always found herself in the history section going through the fascinating, unforgettable stories of history. There are no 'ifs' and 'buts' in history, but she was compelled to think, what if any event or moment happened differently?
What if the swing of a pendulum swung the other way?

In her search to share her passion for adventure, history and its wisdom with children, she created a historical fiction series, Aria & Liam, where history, adventure, humor, and friendships intertwine.

Her books all embody a similar essence - a tale of adventure, bravery, and friendship set against a backdrop of a breathtaking emotional journey.

"In crafting the Aria & Liam series, my aim was to create a bridge connecting the past's profound wisdom to the present, leveraging history's lessons to enrich our lives today. It's my intention to make history accessible and intriguing, especially for young people. Through the thrilling escapades of two inseparable friends, I wanted to emphasize the value of camaraderie, resilience, and humor. Life, much like their adventures, is an expedition filled with obstacles, triumphs, and laughter. It's a personal reflection of how I perceive life—never a solo journey, always a shared adventure, where humor is our faithful companion, making even the most challenging times enjoyable."

Coline Monsarrat

What awaits you within the pages of the books?

Aria and Liam in Ancient Egypt


Throughout my life, I have maintained an unwavering passion for history. It not only immerses me in captivating eras of the past but also, as an adult, I recognize the invaluable lessons we can derive from historical events. As we delve deeper into history’s narratives, we come to understand its tendency to repeat itself. Nonetheless, this need not be our inevitable course; we have the capacity to extract wisdom from history, thereby avoiding the replication of past mistakes. Within history’s vast trove of knowledge lies an abundance of life wisdom, accessible and beneficial for all to embrace and learn from.

Aria & Liam running for the book Enigma in Rome


Life is an adventure: much like scaling a mountain where we encounter both ups and downs. As we embark on these life journeys, we are presented with invaluable opportunities to obtain profound lessons about life and self-discovery. When we view our challenges as thrilling adventures from which we can learn, the journey becomes an extraordinary odyssey that we wish never to end. This is precisely why I found it essential to subject Aria and Liam to demanding adventures, wherein they must push their boundaries to attain success while absorbing priceless insights along the way.

Aria & Liam with a happy face with their dog Pingo


Life becomes even more enjoyable when sprinkled with humor. Having the ability to find the funny side of situations is one of the best qualities we can possess. That’s why humor plays a significant role in the books, even when Aria and Liam encounter challenging circumstances.

Aria&Liam with their friends


How would we manage without our friends? In a world that’s growing increasingly individualistic, I couldn’t help but highlight the immense worth of friendships. We can be resilient on our own, but together, we become even more potent. In the books, both Aria and Liam possess their unique strengths and weaknesses, and neither of them single-handedly saves the other. Instead, they work as a team, utilizing their respective qualities to unravel mysteries and achieve their goals.

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