About Apicem Publishing

Apicem Publishing was created by Coline Monsarrat in 2022 with a simple goal: to bring impactful and magical stories to the world. Books have always been a powerful tool for helping people navigate the peaks and valleys of life, and at Apicem, we believe in the transformative power of literature.

Our mission is simple: we want all people, children and adults alike, to grow, thrive, dream and have fun in their lives. We believe in the power of books and their impact on people's lives - whether it is to make you dream and escape or learn from someone else’s experience. That is why we strive to bring to life books that will impact you on your life’s journey.

With a focus on children's books, Apicem Publishing wants to encourage creativity, imagination and learning through stories that are both entertaining and enlightening.

  • Keep dreaming

  • Keep growing

  • Keep thriving