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Welcome, fellow adventurer! We are over the moon to meet you! Get ready to travel through time and embark on the wildest, most thrilling missions to save the world!

Stick around and join us on our epic, slightly hazardous, and absolutely laugh-out-loud adventures. Trust us, this beats any history class you've ever dozed off in. But let's keep that between us adventurers, shall we? 🤫📚

Calling all young adventurous detectives! Our latest adventure is out!

Guess who we had to save this time? The renowned author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

When we traveled for our school trip to London, we never expected to be catapulted into 1900s London. But this is the life of adventurers! Mary Louise (Doyle's daughter!) called us in to help her save her father. We couldn't refuse, so we embarked on this mind-blowing adventure!

We started investigating, but before we could solve the case, Doyle announced the return of the legendary Sherlock Holmes, and poof, he disappeared!

The Baker Street Mystery

So, we found ourselves navigating
a maze of hidden clues and suspicious characters. Could the mastermind behind it all be a rival author, a member of a secret society, or someone from London's high society? With each chapter bringing a new twist, we had to use all our wit and courage to crack the case and save Doyle before it was too late.

I want to crack the case!

Did you miss our previous adventures?

Fear not, fellow adventurers! Below, you can find all of our thrilling escapades just waiting to be discovered! The best part? You have the freedom to embark on these journeys in any order you prefer, allowing you to explore our world of excitement on your own terms.

Our first adventure in Ancient Egypt!

The Coded Papyrus

Get ready to travel back in time with us to the Kingdom of Ramses II, where we found ourselves stranded and tasked with a mission to save his kingdom!

Join us as we embark on our very first adventure together!

Take me there!
Aria & Liam running in their adventure "Enigma in Rome"

Our adventure in Rome!

Enigma in Rome

Yup, it was pretty crazy. Join us as we journey through ancient Rome, from the lavish homes of ambitious senators to the treacherous arena of the Coliseum.

Come along with us on this thrilling adventure and see if we can save the day!

Find Out What Happens!

Our trip to Atlantis!

The Cursed Empress

Get ready for an epic rollercoaster ride with our brand-new escapade, The Cursed Empress! Join us as we dive headfirst into a nail-biting quest to rescue the island from total chaos. Trust us, you won't believe the wild twists and turns we encounter along the way!

I want to learn more!

Race in South America!

The Sun Disk

Check out our adventure where we got mistaken for envoys of the sun god Inti, venture deep into the heart of the Amazon jungle, decipher mysterious maps, and form unexpected alliances on a thrilling mission to save the legendary Golden City of the Incas, Paititi, from the clutches of destruction!

Check out our adventure!
Aria, Liam, Pingo and Pippa on a sled during the Magic Chalice

Our Spookiest adventure to date!

The Magic Chalice

Join us on a spine-tingling Halloween adventure that whisks us away to a realm ruled by the real Count Dracula, where we must race against time to uncover his darkest secret and save Wallachia—prepare for a thrilling journey that's so scary, it'll leave you gasping for more!

I want the thrill!

Our XMAS adventure!

The Great Christmas Rescue

Santa is in danger. But fear not, we are here to save Christmas! With the help of some eccentric elves and a village chief whose intentions seemed a bit suspect, we had to summon all our wit and courage. But let me tell you, the North Pole is a maze of dangerous traps and deceptive secrets.

Santa lost? Show me!

The Druids' Secret

Merlin tells us a startling secret: the Circle of Druids, England's most powerful druidic society, has concealed Excalibur in a daring plot to prevent Arthur's rise and crown Lancelot as king. Can you believe it? We couldn't NOT help!

Take me there!

We have a HUGE News!

And yes, you see correctly! We finally got a dog!

Introducing Pingo, the paws-itively delightful golden retriever who stole our hearts! Curious to know how we managed to convince our parents to welcome this adorable furball into our lives? Well, all the juicy details are waiting for you in our book "The Cursed Empress"!

Do you want to have some fun?

Relive all the adventures with our action-packed Games Booklet section. Get ready to unlock a treasure trove of thrilling challenges, brain-teasing puzzles, and exciting coloring pages that will transport you to the heart of our daring journeys through time.

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Meet our creator!

Hey there, future adventurers! 🌟 Ever scratched your head and thought, "How did these awesome characters even come to life?" Ta-da! Meet Coline Monsarrat, the magical human who dreamt us up and writes all our epic tales. Pop in and discover the story behind our story—so you can become the ultimate adventurer, just like us! 🚀

Unveil the Magic!
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