Aria & Liam in their adventure Enigma in Rome

A Day in Ancient Rome with Aria & Liam: Uncovering the Secrets of Julius Caesar's City

Hey, fellow adventurers! Ready for an epic journey back in time? 🚀🕰️ Today, Liam and I are taking you on a whirlwind adventure to Ancient Rome, the city of Julius Caesar, gladiators, and some seriously impressive togas. Our mission? To dive into the daily life, culture, and awe-inspiring landmarks of Julius Caesar's time. So, strap on your imaginary sandals because we're about to step into history!

Aria & Liam with their Roman friends during their adventure in Rome to save Julius Caesar

Imagine, just for a second, stepping back in time. The streets of Rome buzz beneath your feet, alive with the chatter of market vendors, the clatter of chariots, and the distant roar of the Colosseum. Got that picture in your head? Good! Now, join us as we uncover the secrets hidden in the cobblestones of Julius Caesar's city. 🗺️✨

Daily Life in Ancient Rome

Wandering through the bustling streets of Rome was like nothing we've ever experienced. Vendors lined the roads, their stalls overflowing with olives, fresh bread, and the finest togas you've ever seen. And oh, the smells! Freshly baked bread mixed with the tangy scent of olives—it was enough to make your mouth water.

Roman woman in the middle grade book "Aria & Liam: Enigma in Rome"Fun Fact: Did you know Romans could vote, work as artisans, and even attend the theatre? Their diet was pretty cool too—lots of grains, fruits, and, for the wealthy, meat and fish. And their fashion? Let's just say that togas were the ultimate Roman style statement.



A Visit to the Roman Forum

Next stop, the Roman Forum—the heart of Roman political life and one of the most famous Ancient Rome landmarks. It's where all the action happened, from trials and elections to public speeches. The Forum was bustling, a center of life where history was made every day.

Aria with Gaia in the Roman Forum during her adventure "Enigma in Rome"

We heard amazing stories about the gods and goddesses worshipped by the Romans, each more fascinating than the last.


Quiz Time: Can you name the Roman god of the sea?


If you guessed Neptune, you're right on the money!

Check out my favorite Roman gods and goddesses in this article.


The Majesty of the Colosseum

Standing before the Colosseum, we were struck by its sheer size and the echo of the thousands who once cheered here. It was here that gladiators fought for glory, and wild beasts roared.

Gladiator Spartacus in the middle grade adventure "Enigma in Rome" 

Aria's Challenge: Imagine you're a gladiator stepping into the arena. What kind of fighter are you? Brave and bold, quick and cunning, or strong and stoic? Share with us! (and read our book Enigma in Rome to find out which one Liam is!)


And did you know? Julius Caesar played a huge role in shaping the Rome we were exploring. Here's a cool Julius Caesar fact for kids: Caesar was a military genius and a leader beloved by his people, but did you know he was also known for his impressive public speaking skills?


Inside Julius Caesar's Home 

Ever wondered what it was like inside the home of one of history's most famous figures? Well, we got a rare peek! It was... surprisingly cozy, in a grand, ancient sort of way.

Julius Caesar with two senators in the middle grade adventure "Aria & Liam: Enigma in Rome"

Liam's Take: "I mean, where does one even buy a statue of themselves? Asking for a friend." 😂


Fellow adventurers, our journey through Ancient Rome was nothing short of epic. We laughed, we learned, and we lived a day in the life of some of the most fascinating people in history.

 History isn't just about dates and facts; it's about the stories, the adventures, and the memories we keep alive by learning and sharing them. So, keep exploring, keep questioning, and who knows? Maybe you'll join us on our next time-traveling adventure. 🗡️🛡️

 Catch us in the past—or the future! Until next time, keep making history!

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Aria & Liam in Enigma in Rome

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